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Who are you people?
Yes, we're glad you finally asked! We're a bunch of nice guys creating nice environments! For you and for us as well! We LOVE networking, we love life, so here it is: RadarMe! Have FUN!
What is RadarMe?
The app is what we wished to have and never found. RadarMe is what we needed to search around, to find friends, to find dates, to get in contact and chat with everybody!
What are the rules?
The rules are simple: register and enjoy! Create family groups, class groups, behaviour groups, age groups, skill groups, neighbourhood groups, gender groups, mothers' groups, fans groups, whatever groups you can imagine, as many as you want. Please use a decent language and please do not bother other people. Anyone can make his own choice in accepting you or not. And vice-versa!
Any cost?
The app is free up to a certain level of usability. It's a pity though to not take advantage of what the app really offers. Buy enhancements, be part of social networks and have fun!!
Before starting using the app please chose the language you want the app to 'talk to you'. Choose the language you know better if your desired language is not available. We do our best to cover as many languages as possible during the time.
If later on you find a language added and it matches better your preferences you can change the language in the Profile area.
How do I register?

Everybody must register. We need you to declare a user, a password, gender and a valid e-mail address. Please note that the username you choose will be validated only if it's not used already. For obvious reasons¡­ Very important: there will be no registration if you don't accept the Terms and Conditions, therefore please read them carefully together with the Privacy Terms.
Please don't forget to visit the app's web page where we present the updates of the Terms and Conditions!

Signing in

a. How?

Once registered you have to sign in. For signing in you just need to start the app and the page is in front of you.
It's simple!
The app is designed so that you don't have to sign in every time. Just activate 'remember me'.

b. What if I forgot my credentials?

It happens. This is why we need your valid e-mail address. We will be in contact with you via e-mail in order to overcome the situation. You only need to ask for.

c. How do I change my password?

Sometimes you share by mistake your password. It's good to change the password if you feel is needed. Just ago into the proper screen and do it!

My profile
Hint: Except user and e-mail address (which are taken from the registration process), except language (which you can chose) you can change by editing any of the other details in the Profile area.

a. Why to create My profile?

With no profile you're just a spot. A pin on the radar, with no life in it. The app is for people who love interacting, who love networking. Of course that it's your decision up to what point you want to make your profile visible. Application can also work with few profile info published. Sometimes you don't even need lots of details. Take for instance a small family group. There is no need for the father and mother to know the details of their children. For them the app works fine just with the username broadcasted. At the opposite end, for big groups or single users travelling around, the more the details broadcasted the better for their purpose.

b. What My profile consists of?

Your Profile has fields with info that we considered relevant to represent you. Not too many things about you, in order to keep privacy in decent limits even when you broadcast all by mistake.

c. Do I have to fill in all the fields?

Username, gender and email address are mandatory. Anything else is upon your own decision.

d. Can I change the user name in My profile?

The username can't be changed.

e. Who can view my profile?

Anyone who sees you can see your profile. It can be a friend, it can be someone hanging around and it can be a group member. Close to your location or in a different continent. This is why please think twice before making visible one profile detail or another.

f. I deleted my profile, but now I want to have it back. Can I?

We think you haven't deleted the profile but the user by deregistering. In this case you can't take it back. It's blocked. Nobody will use it and so we give no chance to tricks played around.
Can I make my profile visible or invisible? Totally or partially?

Yes, you can! Not totally: username and gender will be displayed.

a. Why?

Cool question! Based on what you want¡­ The more you disclose about yourself the better. Or not. It's up to you what people will know about you.

b. How do I do it while not paired? How do I do it while paired?

It doesn't matter if you're paired or not with someone. What matters is what you want to make visible.

Please note that when not paired with someone, that person will not see your phone number or e-mail address, although you maybe declared these two visible in your profile. Only after pairing that person will be able to use these two details and call you or SMS you or e-mail you. If these two are not declared visible by you, the only a person can do, although paired with you, is to chat with you.

Search around

a. How do I search for people?

Well, assuming that you're in the app and use it:, just go to the radar page. Of course it's much, much better to use the map enhancement and so to get a clearer idea of where someone paired or not is. By the way, there is a colour code we offer to you in order to easily find people!

You're active within 1 to 3 groups same time? To each group you can associate a colour in the app.
Just paired with someone? A dedicated spot shows the pairs.

No pair means grey spots...

On the map is even much nicer!

Important! The maximum area the users are shown on screen is 50 km around you. If you use map view, you can position yourself anywhere in the world, wait a bit until data is loaded and you'll be displayed users in that region, around 'you'.

b. Who is 'everybody'?

'Everybody' consists of users within your radar area, be it as radar only or shown over map. You'll find your groups' members, your paired connections as well as everyone else on line within the selected range.
Note: please have in mind that the maximum of users you will see either on radar or on map is 100. But you will see all of the users within the set radar range in the List view.

c. How can I make the search area larger?

Use the scale below the radar! The larger the area the bigger the number of existing or potential connections you can find.
But don't forget to use maps!!! With maps you can also move your green 'spy eye' anywhere in this World where a mobile operation is active. Of course the area stays within radar maximum area. And guess what? You're still an epicentre!

d. Can I search for people abroad?

Of course you can!! That's part of the fun!!
Except when you're located close to a border (and the radar can find neighbour-country users), you'll need maps to do it!

e. How far can I look for people? How close?

The radar scale is between 1 to 50 Km around you. Using maps, it's the same, but you'll be able to move the epicentre, remember?

f. I see one pin, but I know there are many users there...

We know what you mean. Short explanation: your location in the app (valid for all users) is given by the information received from your device. It might happen 2 or more devices in same place to report close but not identical locations, as well as 2 or more devices relatively close one to the other to have same location reported, therefore although both active, only one pin is what you see. But you'll see all using the List View!!!

a. Can I find someone I know?

Of course you can if this person has the app turned on. There are several cases:

-        he's part of a group you own or you are member of;
-        he's paired with you and that's all;
-       you simply know that person and recognize him by user and/or other visible details in the broadcasted profile;

Note: the person must be within the radar area, either on radar view or map view.

b. What if I just contact someone around?

Well, that's one of the flavours of the app! Get in contact with people you don't know and create connections! In your area, your country or abroad.
Let's imagine: you find a spot on the radar. A grey one. The declared profile says: female, 24, member of the group 'Blondes'. That's cool! Compose an introductory message (anyone can do this). You send the pair request. She's OK and accepts to pair with you. You chat. You date her. Yes, she's a ¡­ she! You like her!! You propose her!!! You marry her¡­ And that's it, you're hooked or not!!!
In fact our main message is not breaking news: create stories, create your own stories!! We can help you by offering to you the app we've developed!

c. How do I look for my groups' mates?

It's simple! Go to maps or the Groups page. Select the group (you can select max. 3 groups to be specially marked in the same time) you are interested in checking (Check what? Well, check if they are active, where they are around you, what they do, contact them, check their status, and chat with them). When selecting a group the app automatically assigns a colour to the group. Now the only you have to do is to go to the radar screen or better to the map and look after the same colour. We colour the spots representing the active group members in the same colour the app assigned to that specific group.

    a. What if I just contact someone around?

  • How do I request to pair?

  • Where shall we start from? Let's do it from the moment you found the person you want to interact with. Send to him (or her) a pair request. This means that the app has sent for you to him your visible profile (remember, no phone number and no email address at this stage although they might be visible upon your declaration) plus the introductory message if you wrote one. The potential pair can accept or not the request.

  • What if not accepted?

  • You will find out in the notification area. As well as when the request was accepted.
    Well, you can't send tons of requests, of course. This is why the maximum number of requests you can send and not answered yet is 10. Once you got an answer to your pairing request, we transform that person into a pair of yours and you'll find him in the My Pairs area. Or we simply take the request out (if it's a 'not now' answer received). Anyway, we make the slot free for a new request.

  • Can I request later?

Of course you can! Please do not abuse though!! If you're given a 'not now' answer twice, don't insist. There's no use, believe us!

    b. Requests received

  • What do I do now?

  • First of all check who's asking!! Check the profile data declared; check if he or she has sent an introductory message. Read it! Next step is obvious: just talk to yourself and choose: give a green 'OK' or a red 'not now'.
    If the request got a green light from you, than the two of you are paired! That's good! You'll see him or her in your 'my Pairs' list. You can now chat or whatever else communication method you to want to use or can use, based on the declared phone number or e-mail address.

  • What if I don't want?

  • There is a 'not now' red button, remember?

Don't want the pair anymore

We do hope there will be no reason that comes from an abusive action of your pair; still, it's like in life: in order to give you the rights and tools to 'divorce' from your pair, just go to the My Pairs page and it.
A notification from admin will go straight to the other one, because it's fair to let him or her know, right?
Now, in order to not be confused: in case a pair of yours deletes the account with us, we will let you know that the two of you are not paired anymore.

a. How do I do it?

Press the "red x" button, my friend!
Chat to one

Chat to one is the private version of full chat service we offer. Chat to one is used when you are paired with users and need a private discussion. You can't chat unless you're paired. It's a one to one chat session every time. The chat history will stay stored for 3 days in your mobile. For both privacy and security reasons we do not store the chat messages in our servers.

You will know when someone wants to chat with you! If you have purchased the Chat to one enhancement just look at the top left Android notification area of the display. Regardless the app page you are in at one point in time, regardless of what you do with your phone, if the app is on the chat notification is there.

Press the chat notification and here you are!
If you don't have the enhancement active, you missed it! The only you get is a chat message stating what's obvious: someone wanted to chat with you but... You just missed it...

a. What do I do to start chatting?

Start chatting is your initiative. It's so simple: purchase the enhancement and than go to either My Pairs page or My Groups page and initiate the chat!

Now, that's a nice one: when you chat to a group, you have 3 chat buttons, coloured exactly the same with the group colour the app has automatically allocated when you selected the groups! It's easy, my friend!

Talk, SMS, e-mail

As you probably found out at this stage, if the pair has not declared, or not made visible his e-mail or phone number, the 3 buttons for call, SMS or e-mail will not be active. Otherwise, you will be able to use these functions of your mobile phone, but take care of the costs which are based on your mobile operator tariff scheme.


RadarMe without groups is like a life without fun.
Group yourselves based on common interests, skills, based on names, on ages, on families, on whatever you like! Visit our web page, log in and drop a message! We can give you plenty of ideas! But we are sure that your list is longer! We bet!!!

    a. My own groups

    Anyone can create his own groups. Why not? Being the owner of groups makes you feel like a leader!

  • Why?

  • To have. To own. To lead. To organize. To show your potential. Or just to have an easier way to look after your child, your friends or even your trucks¡­!! Remember: it's so easy to use the map and look for colours!!!

  • How do I create groups?

  • The group can consist of you only. And then add members.
    Go to the Groups page and start the group creation. Locked? Purchase a group enhancement. It's a one time price you pay for it! The group is yours. Just name it! Hopefully the name is not already used by another group¡­ If yes, you'll know and you'll choose a different one.

  • Can I change the name of the group?

  • Once you have a group you can't change its name. It would not be fair for the group members who joined your group. Think about this: they joined being a sports team fans for instance and you change the group name into the competitor's. It would be nice to play tricks, right? But no, this time you can't.

  • Group description

  • Of course! Why own a group without a short declaration of what the group represents? Of course, it's not mandatory. Just if you want and if you feel is nice world to know what the group means.

  • How many groups can I create?

  • You can create as many groups you want, like, need!
    You can create as many groups as group enhancements purchased.

  • Why shall I create more groups?

  • Oh boy¡­! Because we don't have only one thing to share with people! There is NOT one thing only that represents us! Because we are multiple desires and realities, our lives are full, our dreams are plenty. Be a woman and same time be a brunette, be a sports fan, be a mother, be a citizen, be an employee, be lazy, be rich, ¡­be what you want!

  • Who can join my groups?

  • Only the ones you have previously accepted as pairs and only after you invite them. Their OK makes them be part of the group! No one but you can give the green light! No one but them can accept joining!

  • How do I add him to my group?

  • Two steps for you: pair and invite!
    Two steps for him: pair and accept!
    Of course you'll get requests in all possible ways! At the bar, in bed, on the phone, by email, name it! When asked remember 3 things: the solicitor must have the app, pair with you and accept your invitation!

  • How can I get rid of someone?

  • Just take him out! He'll be informed by us anyway.
    Now, if you want to do it just like that, of course you can. We believe though that being polite is nice and we embrace your decision to let him know by a short chat message, or a call, an SMS, an e-mail,... prior to cancelling his membership of your group status! It's up to you.

  • How do I know how many friends can I add to my groups?

  • Yes, we expected this question! Well, resources are limited. This is why the group can consist of 25 members (you as owner included) only. But we have great news!!! You can purchase extra-group enhancements!! As many as you want! Each of them gives you an extra 25 member-slots which you'll allocate to the group you need!

  • How can I extend my groups?

  • Have a look please at number a10 above!

  • How do I know who is active from my group?

  • Declare yourself active e in a certain group you own (max 3 in the same time, as you recall) and either count the group colour spots on the map or check the group's progressive status bar.

  • . Can I decide who is allowed to send messages?

  • No, anyone has the right to chat. Or call. Or send SMS. Or drop a mail. (If certain profile characteristics are fulfilled). But if you feel someone is abusive, act accordingly: manage your group, press the report abuse button and also write to us!

    b. Belong to a group

  • Hey, there are groups around!!!

  • Want to join? Pair with someone in the group. Write to him an introductory message with what you want. Ask him to contact the owner. Pair with the owner and ask to join. Simple!

  • How do I find groups?

  • Register, use the app, look around, evaluate, request and join...

  • Why shall adhere to a group?

  • Because and if you want to be part of it. It represents you and gives you the opportunity to be known. To chat within the group mates. To express your ideas. Common interests? Common needs? You know better!

  • How can I adhere to a group?

  • Need more info than the ones above? Come to and write to us! We will try to answer as soon as possible!

  • Once I belong to a group, how do I get out of it?

  • That's easy: go to the group page in your app and simply get out!
    We will let the owner know. But, as previously mentioned treat the situation nice and let him and everyone know before you do it... A nice bye-bye is always well perceived! You can't imagine how useful a left open door is sometime...

  • Why shall I do this?

  • You know better¡­ Maybe you found out that the group does not represent you. Maybe you want to create a better one. Maybe you feel offended. Or just like that... You know better.

    Chat to all

    This is only for groups members. Of course it is for group members only!!! You can't chat around with different pairs here and there in the same time¡­ There's no logic behind while you're just in the research mode. So create a group or join one and that's something else! Common things bring 'chat to all' need! You're a small or big family now. Chat!!!!

    a. How do I send a "Chat to all" message?

    Go to the Groups page and chose the group to chat with. Remember? Colour code!

    b. How do I know if I got chat message?

    Same like we already explained at 'Chat to one' section.

    c. What if I get a chat message?

    You can ignore, or you can just watch the conversations of your mates. Or intervene and say what's to be said¡­

    d. How do I read a chat message?

    Once you see the chat notification you know a chat message is in. Press the chat button. In the next screen you'll see who is chatting. Press on the signalized chat stream and you're in the right place!
    Or get directly there from the app¡­

    e. How do I delete the messages sequence?

    'No maps' means 'somewhere there around me'¡­ With maps you're in the world you know! With no maps you can only enjoy the community in the area you are. From RadarMe perspective with maps you can travel! Use maps as a plane and land wherever you want. Stay a while and see if and who's around. With maps you can join groups from abroad, chat with continents and pair with a different world than the one you are within at a certain point in time!


    a. Why shall I use maps?

    'No maps' means 'somewhere there'... With maps you're in the world you know! With no maps you can only enjoy the community in the area you are. From RadarMe perspective with maps you can travel! With maps you can join groups from abroad, chat with continents and pair with a different world than the one you are within at a certain point in time!

    b. Who can have maps?

    Anyone can have maps. We have created the map enhancement for you and you can have it for the time the enhancement is valid! When it becomes not valid anymore we'll let you know. Plus a bit in advance!


    a. Why to declare my status?

    Why not? It's cool to let your pairs and groups friends know about you!

    b. How?

    Just write something in the status area.

    c. Who is reading my status?

    Only your pairs can!

    d. How do I delete my status?

    The status can be deleted by simply editing the text... Or, whenever you close the application (or we close it after an hour of no use) we delete your status because it's not relevant anymore for your pairs, right? Imagine: you're after a party; you sleep but based on status you are dancing

    e. How do I change my status?

    Same way you delete it: edit the status and save it!

    Purchase enhancements

    a. Why?

    To have full flavour of what this app offers, to have groups, to chat with friends, to use maps for friendly and useful look & feel, to move around and search around for mates or potential friends!
    Last but not least, to help us keep the app alive!

    b. How do I buy an enhancement?

    Press it and the page where the enhancement purchase is to be ordered pops up! Or go to Enhancements area.

    c. Can I make multiple enhancements purchases?

    Of course you can! We recommend the enhancement pack! It's cheaper...

    They come from RadarMe admin. Just check!

    a. Why shall I?

    You know better...

    b. How do I do it?

    Simply by pressing the Delete Account button is the way to do it...

    c. Can I register back?

    Anytime! It's just that you will have to choose a different username...


    a. What do I do if I get an 'incorrect password' message?

    If you receive the 'incorrect password' message it means that you have entered a wrong password in the login page. In this case you have 2 choices: you try to remember the password you set or you can just click on the 'I forgot my username/password' link from the bottom of the login page and we will send you at the email address you declared both the username and the new password. Please remember that in the case you request us to send you the password your old password will be changed by a new one automatically set by the application system. We strongly recommend you to change this new received password after you login again to the RadarMe application.

    b. A user is making me feel uncomfortable. What can I do?

    If you are paired with this user, simple break the pair!
    If you are not paired, let him get bored of sending introductory messages to you!

    c. Can I complain about a user? How?

    Of course you can! Just press the Report Abuse button and tell us the reason!
    On the other hand, please note that we can't check what anyone is doing, at the end of the day maybe your complaint is in fact an abuse. Still, we will try to contact this user and ask him to behave!

    d. Privacy: do I have it? How can I get it back?

    You have the privacy you want! Full privacy, my friend!! You're a voyeur!! The degree of privacy is decreased by the number of information you make visible in your profile. Still, you're just a name with some details, right?

    Please check the Privacy Policy for RadarMe! You'll be satisfied!

    e. Radar accuracy

    The radar accuracy is given by the accuracy you are positioned with by your mobile operator. Sometimes can be very close to where you actually are, sometimes not. But this is good: nobody will really know where exactly you actually are, right? We do recommend using GPS positioning!

    f. Am I safe? Can I keep my privacy?
    You're safe as long as you want to be safe. This means that we are not responsible for your privacy as long as you share with various unknown persons personal information like address and phone number...

    g. Can I use the app using my friend's handset?

    Yes, if the friend has the app installed. You just need to sign in with your credentials. The app will start and will have your settings and your enhancements. Once logged out your friend can log in with his credentials and here he goes!

    h. What if I forgot my mobile back home and want to use the app from a different device

    The app will be switched off after one hour of non-use anyway. The answer to your question is: after one hour of non-use you will be able to re-log with your credentials from any device with the app installed. In case you want to log in faster than one hour, you simply log in! We will log you out from the previous session!

    i. How do I contact you?

    Is there any other question with no answer? Is there any problem? Want to give us a feedback? Contact us here:!